The New Museum Bookstore

After John Soat participated in the artist in residence/incubator program (NEW INC.),  The New Museum agreed to put Grid Poems Vol. I in the museum bookstore. That’s a consignment that we can get behind!    

Eye on Design AIGA issue No. 159

Sept. 15th, 2017. Eye on Design issue No. 159: “Stark and intriguing poetry” – Emily Gosling, writing for AIGA Eye on Design No. 159: A Huge New Christoph Niemann Retrospective, Grid-based Poetry Designs, A Dissociated Songbook + More

MOTTO Distribution

After meeting at NY Book Fair, Motto agreed to distribute our book in a hyper small quantity. We hope to distribute more soon!

Design Crush

Sept. 25th, 2017. “Not only brilliantly creative and imaginative, but also rather pertinent to the current times” – Kelly Beall, writing for Design Crush Grid Poems Vol. I

Ello Art Giveaways

Oct. 5th, 2017. Thrilled to be featured on‘s Ello Art Giveaways! With 518,000 views, 475 comments and 118 likes, we were feeling the love. Selected comments: “A fascinated blend of graphics and poetry. It’s as if a poet joined the De Stijl movement!” – Thom Stanley, @thom_stanley “As interesting and as beautiful as Tom…